Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Saturday, I was heading home from Queens to take a shower, and then go back into the city to meet up with some friends. On the train (not the subway) there are four-seaters, where two open seats face each other. These are especially nice because when you sit there the likely hood of not having to sit right next to some one is 99.5% in your favor. This is because the space between the two facing seats is about 4 inches and everyone knows it's awkward to knock knees with a stranger unless you've been dipping into the booze. Well, I have experienced the .5% in which no one should have to go through. When I sat down, I waited for the other person who would sit kiddy corner from me, because us solo travelers stick together, and understand the awesomeness of this seat. Then a woman turns to sit, and she sits right next to me, and then a man sits directly across from her. The next thing I know I am smushed against the nasty train wall/window because they are making out, practically on top of me. I could tell them to stop, if they didn't speak German AND I literally had to climb over them when I got to my stop. New Jersey Transit is my worst enemy.

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  1. Bwahahahaha---means something really awesome is coming your way, since you had to experience that. The universe likes to keep things even like that.