Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shorty, say what?!

Getting to the main floor of Penn Station from the train platform takes some strategy. However you have a player advantage if you are short like me. The double edge sword of being short is a) you get pushed around a lot in a crowd, vs b) you are able to snake your way through the toughest of crowds before anyone realizes what just happened. Ok, back to topic. Penn Station. The platform is like a long dusty runway, and every so often (and I say that generously) there is either an escalator or a stairwell. I have realized that the quickest way to the tops of these is to do two things.

1.) As people funnel in from both sides like cattle, stick to the middle, because if/when you do get shoved around atleast there isn't a way that you would be shoved out of the crowd, but more likely stay in the middle or better yet closer to the "stairway to heaven" -- so to speak. This is the step where the height factor comes into play.


2.) Stand by a man. Seriously. If they are a true gentleman they will let ladies go first (or atleast one...and hopefully me). If you'r ea dude and you're reading this, Im sorry about your luck.

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