Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My brother used to order CDs by mail and since I wanted to be just like him, I would either steal them or go out and buy the exact same ones. Thats how I was introduced to The Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits album. Plus I was strangely drawn to the horse on the cover that looked like it was on fire and had diamonds for eyes. I could probably sing every song from this albumby heart before I was 10.

A song from my favorite album: Steve Miller Band -- "Dance Dance Dance"


Im not really into female singers for some reason, but as of late Ive been listening to a lot of alternative/electronic female artists and I CANT STOP.

A Song I wish I heard on the Radio: Metric -- "Help Im Alive"


I don't know why they just didn't stop after the orange hats, but they didn't and apparently radio personality LOVES this song. Personally it makes me want to vomit everytime I hear it... PLUS they're old as fuck.

A song that I hear often on the radio: Divo -- "What We Do"

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I used to listen to this song OVER AND OVER AND OVER so now i can't stand it. Boooo to me, but c'est la vie i suppose.

A song I used to love, and now I hate: The Verve -- "Bittersweet Symphony"

Friday, April 15, 2011


Almost a year ago (HOLY SMOKES) I took a trip to NYC with my Graphic Design class to learn how studios work, and how to show my portfolio. The morning (6am) at the airport one of my classmates comes up to me and says "are you excited about your interview?" to which I responded "excuse me?...interview?" then continues to tell me that our art director sent out an email the night before to four of us that we were interviewing for a paid internship. I had ZERO intention of moving to NYC plus I still had 6 credits to take before I graduated. Needless to say that same day I nailed my interview, got the internship and moved 700 miles away from home to start a new life 3 weeks later. Currently Im living in New Jersey, but in just a few weeks my roomie and I are moving into an apartment in Manhattan, which is insane/ surreal to me. So pretty much, Im rolling with the punches which is why I picked this song.

A song that describes me: Eric Hutchinson -- "Rock & Roll"

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Im so crazy for this song it's not even funny. It's hard to judge if someone would expect me to like this or not, but I do. I assume there might be a bit of a surprised/questioning from my close friends, but that's nothing new. I hope you fall in love like i did, awkward singer and all.

A Song People Wouldn't Expect you to like: Antony and the Johnsons "Hope There's Someone"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm not going to lie, I was half tempted to put "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas as my song for this category, but I realized that I listen to this song that i picked all the time, and it's really fun to sing. This is definitely my guilty pleasure along side singing into my hair brush/ dancing around in my underwear in my apartment (when the roomie is gone, of course.)

My Guilty Pleasure: "Sweet Dreams" by Beyonce

AND I just realized she says "MY GUILTY PLEASURE I AINT GOIN NOWHERE"... It must be fate, just sayin.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I don't hate any bands/artists. I may not enjoy their music, but it doesn't mean I can't respect them.

So for today's "A song from a band you hate" enjoy some bunnies instead!

Monday, April 11, 2011


I love 90's music. Enter Barenaked Ladies, Blessed Union of Souls, Vertical Horizon, Blues Traveller, etc. But one 90's band really got me, Savage Garden. They were my first concert I went to where my parents weren't standing next to me. I had the concert on VHS, books, all of the albums. I shared this love with my cousin Andrea which was extra great. I was heart broken when 1.) They broke up and 2.) the lead singer whom I was crushing on turned out to be gay however a bond so strong cannot be broken. I still love Savage Garden and Darren Hayes' (lead singer) solo career.

A song from my favorite band: Darren Hayes -- "Insatiable"

PS he has better hair now, this is an old video.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm not a huge fan of falling asleep to music because usually I end up staying awake and listening to it, but I do love a relaxing moment with some good tunes.

I love love LOOOOVE Imogen Heap which means Im also obsessed with her side project Frou Frou, which I fell in love with AGAIN when they had a song on the Garden State soundtrack. This song wasn't on that album, but it's gorgeous, and the sound behind her voices is also gorgeous.

A-song-I-could-fall-asleep-to-but-not-really: Frou Frou -- "The Dumbing Down of Love"

Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is my favorite song to listen at the end of a work day. It never fails to put a little pep in my step. Don't let the beginning fool you, it's so good!

A song that makes me want to dance: The Gabe Dixon Band "Find My Way"

Friday, April 8, 2011


I love Eminem, I think he's a great artist, and evolving with each album he puts out, so Im not ashamed when I say I know a lot of his lyrics by heart. Plus, you know, I gotta stay true to my Michigan roots, right? Plus I like to walk around and say to people "Where's my snare? I need my snare."

With that, here is one of many songs I know all of the words to: Eminem -- "Cleanin' Out My Closet"

Thursday, April 7, 2011


A song that reminds me of an event

49 years of marriage is a huge accomplishment, and there's no better way to spend it than with your family, no? Ok, so this anniversary wasn't in MY family per se, but I've spent a lot of time with them. IM TALKIN THE HUXTABLES PEOPLE.

When they celebrated the marriage of Cliff's parents in the BEST way possible I fell in love with Ray Charles.

Night time is the right time -- Ray Charles

AND the Huxtables version:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm embarrassed that I know this song and Im embarrassed that I used to know all of the words and sing them openly. I was a little bit nerdy in highschool, maybe a little weird. But this one takes me back to lunch time in the cafeteria with my friends being ridiculous without a care in the world, and quite simply not giving a shit what anyone thought about us.

I Am Cow -- By the Arrogant Worms. Lyrical genius' perhaps?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A song that reminds me of someone.

I kept trying to do this one backwards. I would think of someone and then try and associate a song with them. Then I finally told myself to stop and think of a time that I heard a song an immediately thought of a person.

My person is one of my closest friends, Rochelle, and her song is Sway by Bic Runga. I remember when she bought the CD that had this song on it, she had heard it at Red Lobster where she worked at the time, although it's also on the American Pie soundtrack also, and played it ALL the time. Thank goodness it's a really great song. AND when I need a Rochelle fix, I just hit play.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Today's song is brought to you by days where you just want to stay in bed and mope around in a robe.

I had a friend die of cancer months after I had graduated high school. In fact he was my first boyfriend (in kindergarten) and I had known him since preschool, therefore I also knew his siblings. Every time there is a birthday or some sort of important event she (his sister) tends to reference this song, so now I just associate this with him and in return get a little sad.

So here it is. Jimmy Eat World -- Hear You Me.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Day Three: A song that makes you happy.

It's so easy for a song to make me happy. This song is one of my favorites to belt out in the shower, therefore there is so much happy to be had. Also it's one of my favorite covers, the second being The Fray's cover of that Kanye West song "Heartless."

Saturday, April 2, 2011


My Least Favorite Song.

I don't like it when a big artist tries to come up with an anthem for a tragic event. I think it's a waste of time, and shallow. It's even worse if the song is terrible.

Kitschy & annoying, my least favorite song? DRUM ROLL PLEASE... Bon Jovi's "Who Says You Can't Go Home"

I cringed when I embedded the video, just so you know.

Friday, April 1, 2011


April song challenge starts today, and I see it popping up on the ole FB too, hopefully you still respect me after this.

Day 1: My favorite.

It was hard to choose my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG EVER, so I just picked my current favorite song that I can't stop listening to.

Iron & Wine -- Carousel