Monday, April 11, 2011


I love 90's music. Enter Barenaked Ladies, Blessed Union of Souls, Vertical Horizon, Blues Traveller, etc. But one 90's band really got me, Savage Garden. They were my first concert I went to where my parents weren't standing next to me. I had the concert on VHS, books, all of the albums. I shared this love with my cousin Andrea which was extra great. I was heart broken when 1.) They broke up and 2.) the lead singer whom I was crushing on turned out to be gay however a bond so strong cannot be broken. I still love Savage Garden and Darren Hayes' (lead singer) solo career.

A song from my favorite band: Darren Hayes -- "Insatiable"

PS he has better hair now, this is an old video.

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  1. I *ALWAYS* associate you and only you with Savage Garden. I remember sitting in your room and you showing me their album with the two of them standing next to each other on it. Good times!