Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well, it's official, I had the BEST halloween weekend anyone could ask for.

Every year I wait until the last minute to get my costume. This year was no exception. The difference is you don't have to wait outside to get inside of a costume shop in Michigan. Once I was actually in the store, and they wouldn't sell me the hat I wanted because it was the last one (makes sense, right?) I decided enough was enough, people are annoying, and I left. I had originally planned on being Amelia Earhart, but defaulted on Rosie the Riveter because buying a men's work shirt was far less work, and on my way home.

Saturday morning my room mate, Laura, and her boyfriend (Kyle) picked me up at home and we roadtripped our way to Washington DC for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. We met up with a friend of Kyle's, Laura's Mom and her friend Dawn in Maryland where we caught the Metro into the City. THE METRO WAS PACKED. I was hugging strangers. Good thing it was halloween weekend because I was also standing by a man older than my father (who doesn't look a day over 30...) dressed as the Cat In The Hat, which is not normal... Or maybe it is for DC, I'm not too sure.

It literally felt like a zombie movie coming off the metro, there were mobs of people, who were only able to move as fast as the person in front of them. Plus everyone was tired, so that didn't help.

As per usual, I was unable to see anything due to short stature, but lucky for me there were loud speakers and everyone quoting what the people on stage were saying. Next time I will wear tall shoes and tote a periscope. At this point in the day Laura and myself had not gone to the bathroom in 9 hours, and we were ready to pee ourselves. I'm not sure the strangers we were hugging would have appreciated that.

The trip back to MD was not any different people-wise. Except for the lady who did not get the memo that crazies were supposed to stay indoors that day. She tried pushing two members of our group out of the door at one of the stops. I think she may have heard one of us call her douche judging by the glare she gave on her escalator ride down to the station exit. At one point they kicked everyone the train at a very tiny station. Why? Nobody will ever know, it's one of the great mysteries of life. The best part was that we ran into The Cat in the Hat AGAIN, seriously, how does that happen?! Good thing I like cats.

I never dressed up in my costume, and I'm ok with that. There's always next year, plus I live in NY so it's possible I could wear my costume anytime and it would be considered normal.

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