Friday, November 5, 2010

I get so easily annoyed here, which is weird because I thought I had a lot of patience. Apparently not. But people just don't seem to use their brains. Three things that people this did week to make me want to punch them in the face:

1.) On Monday, I got off the subway as usual, exited the platform as usual, went to walk up the stairs as usual and there is woman at the bottom of the steps zipping up her child's jacket, and chatting with him. Why on earth would you do this at the place where everyone is trying to exit, AT RUSH HOUR none the less. Really. Did the large crowd of bustling people not terrify you into thinking you were going to get trampled? Because that's what they wanted to do, at least I did, but a one person trampling is not very effective. blergh.

2.) This was not a specific incident, as it happens ALL the time. People like to hug the bar on the subway, or lean on it. That's fine when it's not busy, rub your face all over it for all I care, but when it's packed and I have to scoop my hand around the bar and into your back to hold on it automatically makes me hate you.

3.) This morning I had time to stop at Dunkin Donuts to get a breakfast sandwich. I was waiting and waiting for them to bring it to me, and this woman comes up and is also waiting. The guy knows I have been waiting for a long time and says that bacon, egg and cheese will be right up. I nod, and the woman says "ok." She knows that I was there before her, I have obviously been waiting. So when the guy returns he has a bag and says what it is, and I go to take it and she says "No, that's mine" to which I say that I had also ordered that. The only difference in our orders is that hers was on a bagel and mine was not. This sandwich was on a bagel, so indeed it was hers, and she says "See, I told you" gives me the stink eye and walks away. Apparently she is the only person in the entire world that orders THAT sandwich in the morning...except for the 8 other people that were behind her and ordered the exact same thing. Some people only think about themselves and are unable to be civil.


  1. Lovely way to start off your mornings huh?
    And you aren't easily annoyed. Those things would get on any sane person's nerves who aren't completely egocentric.

  2. 1) Was that more or less insane than the day that family took their stroller apart at the top of the stairs the day we were there?

    2)Indeed. And some guy screamed at the play ground today, "It's just an infectious disease waiting to happen!!!" and then ran away. Maybe you should do that to them, no?!

    3) So annoying. Karma baby. She'll get hers. This seems to happen at least once a year to me at Starbucks and I only go there like 3 times a year. Sorry it happened to you.