Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This is it

Surreal is the word I would use to describe living here. For instance, yesterday they were filming Gossip Girl outside the door to my work. Then at night I had gone to an AIGA (American Institute for Graphic Arts) lecture in Brooklyn and the doe-eyed blonde that was runner up on America's Next Top Model was our server. So strange. She's not so "model-y" in person.

The lecture was amazing. The venue that it was at was amazing. It was in DUMBO, Brooklyn at a place called Galapagos. Rightfully named as all of the seating was on islands surrounded, literally, by open water. A girl sitting across from us dropped her purse in it, actually. Sucker.

Also, it was raining last night and I had been thinking about how outrageous it is that people's umbrellas turn inside out, wouldn't you just turn and have your umbrella not catch the wind...then the next thing I know my umbrella is inside out, i'm a douche bag.

I will be/am illustrating a childrens book for a friend of my mom, because I have a lot of spare time (but not really). I'm pretty excited about it, mostly so I can say that I've done it. Anyway, I went to Barnes and Noble to do some research, look at Childrens books, maybe find a tutorial type drawing book, etc. I ended up walking out with some non-fiction, and Shel Silverstein. While I could argue that Shel was a Children's writer, and one of my favorites at that, it was not what I was supposed to be buying. Better luck tomorrow?

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