Thursday, September 2, 2010

A dude.

You would be surprised to learn (because I was shocked) that 98% of people who give me compliments on my tattoo are middle-aged women. YES, WEIRD. Yesterday it was refreshing to hear something nice from someone MY age. I had actually seen this guy at "71" a coffee shop a few blocks from work, and then we left around the same time and walked the exact same way towards union square. I had just passed him when he told the person he was talking to on the phone "hold on" and then taps me on the shoulder and says "THAT is the best tattoo I have ever seen, Im a mathematician, I can appreciate that." I thanked him, blushed a little and turned to go into inside, when he picks up the rest of his phone conversation by telling the person on the other line that he had just seen the coolest tattoo and that it was better than theirs (the person on the other end). It made me laugh.

I like when people recognize it, I feel like it's some sort of exclusive club, and I also like when people don't know what it is and i can sound cool explaining it to them.

Also, it's september now, the cool weather can come anytime now......

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  1. Talk about a smackdown. This chick I don't know, have never met, her tattoo KICKS your TATTOOs A$$...and I'm telling you this on the phone.

    Dude, my sister rocks it hard core.