Tuesday, September 14, 2010

20 questions

I forgot to mention in the post I did this morning about the guy whom I stood next to on the train today. He is the man who everyone hates in the morning because he talks on his phone the whole entire time. Then you are excited because you are nearing the tunnel and there's noway he can still get service underwater. EXCEPT he does because his cell phone service provider is probably Zeus. "FUCK" -- That's what I think to myself, because I woke up with the worst headache, and I'm stuck next to stupid chatty cathy. So then I start listening to his one-sided conversation, because the person on the other end certainly cannot get a word in edgewise. He is asking a million questions, such as:

"Where are you?"
"What have you eaten today?"
"DId you get lunch?"
"Are you going to the parking ramp?"
"Are you by your car yet?"
"You're driving?"
"So do you like the street your on?"
...... (zone out).....
"So you think it's funny now? A second ago it wasn't funny."
......(zone out).....
"That's quite an accomplishment, I think. You don't"
"Oh now you do? You didn't a second ago, thats very non committal of you"
"You have to go?"
"Where are you going?"

The girl who was a across from him and myself making eyes, knowing what the other was thinking. I'm just thankful I will probably never see (hear) him again. KNOCK ON WOOD.

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