Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tiny Town, USA

How I love New York, let me count the ways.

This morning on my way to work (I've been walking to and from Penn Station, since the weather has been beautiful) I saw a group of people walking down 7th ave in white T's and tighty whiteys. There were probably 8 of them. I'm sure they were doing some promotion for something, I didn't have time to ask, but it made me smile. Then a block down there were a group of five guys dressed in suits and ties with sunglasses on solemnly telling people to go to an event which was on a postcard, that I didnt pick up. THEN further down, I saw a man dressed in a really fluffy pink dress, with striped stockings, high heels, a floral hat, and in the company of a poodle with rainbow fur... Of course the only thing this guy was promoting was women's clothing from the 80's, but this was probably the best morning walk of my life.

Everything is a production here. Go big or go home, in the Big Apple.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet. Love it.

    And you know they all went home tonight and were talking about the hot, stylish chic they saw walking past them this morning. ;)