Monday, July 5, 2010

glitz and glamor.

This weekend:

Laura and I had the girls over for dinner. She (Laura) had made delicious cornish hens and they were ready by the time we had arrived. So so good. We spent the rest of that night talking about girly things and dancing around the living room until late into the night. It was nice, I hadn't hung out with a whole group of girls in that kind of setting probably since high school.

I made stuffed french toast for everyone in the morning. Laura and I bummed around town for awhile, watched a moving in the afternoon, and then headed into the city. We went to a club, yes a club (who am I?), and met up with Lech, and Chelsea, and later Dorian. First of all, I hate dancing, unless I've had enough cocktails. Anyway, it was just as I expected; over-priced, stuck up half naked people, smoke machines, and really terrible music. I had a mini anxiety attack as we waited to go outside to get a breather. I had never felt that way, I figured it was because I was getting shoved around, stepped on, and touching every single sweaty body surrounding me. We finally left around 3ish? to go to a diner down the road for a grilled cheese sandwich and shitty table service. Took the train into Hoboken, and a taxi back home. This city is so expensive.

The girls and I decided to stay in and try and save up since Sunday was the 4th and we knew we'd be out and about that day. It was a lovely day of sunbathing, eating New Jersey pizza (THE BEST PIZZA I'VE EVER HAD) and watching sex and the city. I'm excited to have girlfriends at arms length again, it's something I've been lacking for a couple of years.

Laura, Chels, and I went to Coney Island to watch Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest, we followed that with a Circus Sideshow down the street. Then we took the train 40 minutes back into Manhattan where we waited 3 hours to watch the BEST fireworks show I've ever seen, and probably ever will. Everything was so well choreographed. When it was over New York looked like a zombie movie as thousands and thousands of people walked covered the streets. We ended the night with beer and Apples to Apples.

Life is good, I'm starting to get the hang of this place.

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  1. Hooray for an awesome night of fireworks. And, was the bar over-priced? Or, just the half-naked people? Ahahahahaha.