Thursday, July 22, 2010

Double time

1. Yesterday when I was leaving the train station I noticed a piece of masking tape stuck to the stairs that read "Work is Freedom." I suppose the interpretation of this is up to the reader, but at first I looked at it negatively. I thought "wow, what a miserable life this person must have if the only only way they can enjoy themselves is by sitting in an office (assuming that's their environment.) " How shitty would your weekends be if the whole time you're wishing for overtime? Or, on the flip side, maybe it was a homeless person looking for an out. I've been thinking about this piece of tape a lot lately. I don't know what my freedom is, and I'm going to explore al of my options. I want everything to be my freedom.

2. I sat 3 feet away from Jim Gaffigan last night. WIN.

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