Friday, July 23, 2010


This week is never ending.

Yesterday, after work, I met up with my room mates and some other friends for an open bar-happy hour, meaning we get free drinks for an hour so quit talk and order another. Awesome. We made our way down to the lower east side for some cheap falafel afterwards and decided the best decision was to leave (9:00-ish) after splitting a pitcher. On our way out we met some new friends, both named Andrew...long story short we ended up at a karaoke bar called "Sing Sing" in alphabet city. A private room full of strangers singing Metallica, so weird. We also bumped into Lech and Dorian at the door, I gave them my free song that we were given upon entering Sing Sing.

It's supposed to storm all weekend. I hope it does because that would give me an excuse to not leave my room.

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  1. How'd that whole storm so you didn't have to leave your room thing work out for ya?