Saturday, June 12, 2010

Officially Official

I got my name badge at work, which also has a sensory key on the back of it, so all i have to do is hold it up to a thing that scans it, makes the door beep, and I can go to work. Also, to clock in I use this freaky space-age machine that scans the palm of my hand. Which would be fine, but there are metal bars that stick up that go in between your fingers and then you have to squeeze your hand inward so the sides of your fingers touch them. My hands are little so I have to assist with my other hand.

I also forgot to mention previously that I literally fell off my chair on my first day of work, two people saw, and showed concern for my well-being. I am SO graceful.

Tuesday night I had gone out after I got out from work to a bar, with a girl from WMU, and from my job to a bar called Black and White, which is supposedly owned by the drummer from the Strokes. Anyway, there was trivia and we failed miserably since it was mostly guessing literary titles from being told the first line in the book. Perhaps I should visit Barnes and Noble (I get a 20% discount since I work in the same building -- SCORE).

We went to a luncheon on Monday with work people to a place called Olives. To a girl who used to get a can of black olives in her Christmas stocking ever year, this is heaven. Also the most expensive meal I've ever had for lunch, that I didn't have to pay for. I choked down a salad that had fruit in it, not by choice, mainly out of politeness and the fact that I couldn't pronounce the name of the 2nd salad option. 2nd course was pasta with cheese and asparagus -- SO good. For desert, we had strawberry short cake and split a chocolate souffle. New York has some of the best food ever, and I'm guessing some of the worst (*cough, hot dogs, cough).

Today, Laura (my roommate, and former classmate), her mom, and myself went kayaking on the hudson river. It was between two ports over the holland tunnel. It was fun, not sure if I'd do it again, but atleast I can say that I went. The place that does this also does 3 hour trips from some beach, I think I will try this sometime, it might be more worth while.

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