Saturday, June 5, 2010

City Slicker

It's official, I am here. New York City.

I arrived last Tuesday morning around 5am, was able to drive through Manhattan, and Brooklyn with ease as rush hour had not started yet. We stayed at Rhonda's friend's place where I was able to catch a nap before we headed out to lunch at a nice little joint in Brooklyn, then went and watched Sex and the City 2 since we were in The City, and well, you know. That night, plus two more we crashed at Rhonda's ex's apartment, also in Brooklyn since I wasn't able to move into my apartment until that Friday.

Getting to work wasn't any problem, since it's in Union Square, pretty much every subway car stops there. My first day (wednesday) was a little stressful, I was pretty much introduced to currently existing projects and then was told to start working on them, which is normal, and no problem but I was already overwhelmed, and so on.

Thursday night Rhonda and I went to a swing dance club-thing (I only went for moral support, and the booze) where low and behold Bill Nye the Science Guy was there! WHAT?! I need to start my list of celebrity sightings.

I'm at the apartment now, and it's Saturday, I haven't eaten since last night when pretty much the only thing I had eaten all day was a lean pocket and a glass of wine. I should probably make my way into the city and see what kind of trouble I can get into.

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