Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Down...but not out.

Today was interesting.

Everything started off well, and then exploded by the end of the day. Some confusion with files mixed with my need to not disappoint/ guilt about slowing the process made me pretty stressed out. I keep telling myself that I'm an intern, I'm here to learn, it's not my fault when shit gets screwed up, but it still makes me anxious. Then on my way home I missed my stop because I was too busy thinking about how I don't want the place I work for thinking that they made a mistake hiring me, and then cursing the graphic design program at WMU for not teaching me photoshop. Then on my next train, I read about a doctor who's worst moment was operating on a cervical cancer patient who was pregnant, and suddenly my dilemma didn't seem so bad.

So because of my melodramatic breakdown I missed out on an AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) event which was supposed to be super awesome. I fail.

Also, I really miss EVERYTHING about Kalamazoo. I still feel like I'm on vacation, a really long vacation.

I'm hoping I feel better in the morning.


  1. It happens, unfortunately to all us at some point or another. My internship eons ago had it's super stressful moments too.

    But, remember this--they wouldn't have hired you if they didn't see genius. It sounds like this company is pretty cutting edge and they could have gone with a million other people--but the chose the cream of the crop-- they chose YOU!

    Hope today is better.