Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hustle and Bustle

Yesterday (Saturday) I rode into The City to meet up with a friend, Chelsea, who I used to work at Pizza Hut with, she is here interning for the NHL, how cool is that? We met on the north end of Central Park, and the took the metro to the south end after realizing that the Zoo (our intended destination) was in the south east corner and it was way to long of a walk. So when we got of at our stop we started in that direction. Needless to say we never made to the zoo, instead there was a free concert (part of a series throughout the summer) happening in the middle of the park, and the music was actually really good. I got a schedule so I can go back, they also have shows in Queens and Brooklyn.

After the sets were finished we headed to eat and wound up at this restaurant somewhere on 55th. There weren't any females servers, and all of the employees were foreign. For some reason we had about four servers take care of our table, I assume it's because we were young females, and the majority of the crowd that was in there were middle-aged tourists. Server #1, we learned, was from macedonia and had worked on a cruise ship prior to moving to New York, when he first moved to the US he lived in Chicago, but something happened (involving a girl, of course) and he ended up in NY. Server #2 was creepy. Server #3 told Chelsea she had beautiful eyes each time he passed our table, and when I asked if I could he have a drink menu, he replied with "You can have my heart." Oh Boy. Server #4 was from Poland or Holland, I can't remember, but he is a pianist, and works in the restaurant to get by. We chatted with this one a lot, pretty good looking, blonde hair blue eyes (surprise, surprise) before we left he gave us both his card with his phone number on it inviting us out sometime. He then walked us to the restaurant door, made a little more small talk, and we left. Chelsea went home from there and I met up with my friend Nico in Washington Square park where some dude was playing a baby grand piano. How does a person bring a piano in NY to a park? It's not like you can pull it onto the subway. It was cool though, there was a whole little band playing including that guy, and people were dancing by the fountain.

Today, I rode into The City to do a little shopping at the Kmart in Penn Station, grabbed some groceries (no produce, sad face) and headed back home. It looks like rain today, but nothing yet. I heard that Kalamazoo had some pretty bad storms, I hope they don't come this way.

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