Sunday, June 20, 2010

New York Minute

Friday night was my first night out in The City to experience the night life. It was my friend Chelsea's 21st birthday, we met up with that waiter that we met (Lech) from my previous post and he took us to a bar called The Continental. This place had a deal where you buy 5 shots for $10, how coincidental that we happened to have 5 people. Also, the beer "specials" were not too bad according to NY standards. Later, Lech's friend Dorian joined us. He is from Bolivia. From there we bar hopped all over Manhattan. Places included Beer-Only bars, a confusing night-club, a karaoke bar, and some place in Hell's Kitchen.

Laura and I missed our train out of town, which was early -- 1:30ish, so ended up taking a nap in Penn Station, which sounds radical, and disgusting (which it was) but everyone else was doing it too. When I say everyone else, there were other nicely dressed people, and not just bums. We were rudely woken up by the floor cleaner who honked and us and yelled at us to move, however he didn't do that to the people sleeping across from us. Then we kept getting in his way, and were pretty much chased around the large poles and getting honked at even more. We eventually ended up on the stairs, and then back to the floor. Then when we finally did get back home (5am-ish) we had to walk from the station to our apartment, it's daylight at this point, and it's not too far of a walk, but felt like 500 miles.

I only posted all that so I could justify sleeping until 7pm, yesterday.

Today is cleaning/walmart/don't do anything that requires brain-power day.

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  1. The image of you being honked and chased by a floor cleaner makes me giggle...A LOT. Glad you got home safely and I will make a note not to miss the 1:30am train. :)