Wednesday, March 23, 2011

shape up or ship out

So I'm back from my weekend trip to Chicago, things went well, however not completely according to plan, but that will happen. I will say that it is possible for New Yorkers to make me angry even in another state. Yap, it's true.

Boarding a plane en route to the big apple takes FOREVER. This was true when I flew back from Christmas, a wedding in July, and now my mini vacation. The reason is that nobody wants to check their luggage, however refusing to abide by checked luggage regulations. ie their bags are fucking huge. Then the stewards ask these people to check it at the gate and there goes the temper, the rolling of the eyes, because they don't want to have to wait to pick it up. Well NEWS FLASH, we're going to be late anyway because YOU decided to pack your entire house and expected to board a plane with it where everyone else did the same exact thing (except me of course, because I'm perfect. Just kidding, but I did think ahead and could fit mine under my seat. I win). This is where a jet pack would come in handy.

Also, on this mornings commute I saw the inner man-thigh of a homeless person and the black regular coffee I ordered is loaded with sugar and milk.

It's so good to be back!

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  1. Dude, you amaze me with your power to pack light. It could never happen with me, but I also always check my luggage.