Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'd consider myself a pretty patient person. Read: probably so because i hate confrontation so it's just easier to wait things out. Anyway, when it comes to checking out in the grocery store I'm not going to be that person who walks up and down the aisle to find the shortest line because I know eventually I will find my way to my car and drive happily home.

Last night Laura and I went grocery shopping for a few essentials to get us through the week since Im leaving for Chicago on Friday. When it came to check out time we got in a lane behind lady with two kids and a full cart of groceries. Then we realized there was another cart on the other side of the check out (also theirs) that had already been bagged. No big deal, atleast we didn't get behind her when she had first arrived. So since she's nearing the end of her order, I put my things on the belt and they make their way to the front. Aside from her kid in the cart who was trying to swipe my goods, and a waiting a little bit, things were ok. THEN her husband pulls up in his amigo that was also over flowing with groceries AFTER the lady had swiped her card. What the fuck?! Isn't there a rule that if you are not done grocery shopping you don't go to the line to pay?! Next time I think I will just stand at the front of the line bring all of my friends and call them to bring me things one at a time so I can make sure I don't have to wait for anyone else. Great idea, no? AND during this time of waiting the people behind us changed their kids line...on top of their groceries...AND we were 30 feet from the bathroom. IM BUYING FOOD HERE PEOPLE, seriously.

The point of the story is that I miss Meijer.

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  1. Chicago is my favorite city of all time. Have an awesome time. Go to Second City if you can.

    And WTH with the amigo full of groceries AND I may never get that diaper on top of the food image out of my head. Yuck!