Thursday, August 19, 2010


If you have never seen the show 30 Rock...well, you should. The main character, Liz Lemon, is pretty much me when it comes to boys. For instance in Kalamazoo I was notorious for giving "The Turkey" to boys that I just met.

*the turkey: a rendition of the high-five, where one's hand is fist shaped,
thumb facing out, and the other person goes in flat handed, fingers spread so that upon hand connection it looks
like a turkey.

So as if a high-five isn't dorky enough, here I am giving the effing turkey. I have a point to this...

Today I went and opened a Bank of America account, finally after living out here for 3 months. The guy who took care of me was younger, I'd say my age. We talked about baseball (see post below), how to say his last name, his love for soccer, how he was born in Italy, what I was doing out here, how I like Jersey, etc. Then after all is said and done, he says "here is my business card, call me if you need anything." I might be reading too much into this since, after all, I just set up my account with him, but I can't tell if he actually wants me to call him. He showed he me how to deposit my checks at the atm, and upon parting ways we shook hands and held eye contact for a longer than a second.

Now normally I would say that he was just doing his job, but during our conversation I found out that he doesn't actually work upstairs where he happened to be today, he works why would I have to call him if I needed anything? I am SUCH a girl right now AND I am so oblivious to hints. Im keeping his card, maybe someday i will need something.

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