Friday, February 18, 2011


I just, JUST, realized that my whole life I've used a word that doesn't exist. I didn't know I was doing this until I tried typing out a sentence using said word where I realized it was indeed not real.

The word is "nother," rhymes with "mother." A new and improved way to say "other."

The sentence I was going to use it in was "...that's a whole nother story." Not real, right? I can't believe I've done this my whole life and nobody has punched me. I even tried rationalizing with the idea that it could be slang for "another," just with an apostrophe, but that doesn't work either -- "that's a whole another story." NOPE.

Ok, back to work, I have nother things to do.


  1. Love it. I think it's a Michigan word. I can totally hear our family using it, in my head of course, because um...I'm 12 hours away.

    Happy new word finding!! :D

  2. I think it should be "other"...As in "that's a whole OTHER story" But it definitely sounds like a Michiganism that I have heard from other Michiganders. My favorite Michiganism is "tarvey" (pronounced tarvee) and it's local to only the mid-Michigan region between Ionia and Owosso, north of Lansing and South of Mt. Pleasant. Oddly enough, I know this from a casual survey I have conducted. The only people who know this word grew up there or had parents who grew up there. By the way, it's asphalt, but not really. It's really the pre-asphalt phase of road improvement that is tar covered in stone (pea stone to be exact), which I believe is the root of the word....Tar/pea....tarvey!

    Thanks for listening. Love the Blog!!