Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back to the Grind

Well Im back in NY/NJ. The trip went well, I love Michigan, we all know that, however this place feels semi like home now. So strange. Anyway, along the way I caught a cold, boo hiss. There's nothing like going to work hopped up on dayquil and zycam.

The police in the 14th street subway station started riding around on segway scooters recently, which is kind of ridiculous in itself, however every time I spot one I think about this:

And then I laugh...aloud... and a lot.

It's December today. Also, it's 60 degrees outside and rainy. What the eff?! Wasn't it supposed to snow a month ago? If it were February with the same weather, I'd be all for it, but what is Christmas time without snow? If I wanted THAT I'd go live in Florida.

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